21 Facts About Ancient Civilizations

1 The Aztecs made human sacrifices to the gods. In 1487, at the dedication of the temple in Tenochtitlan, 20,000 people were put to death.

2. The Mayans also made sacrifices. The most common involved pulling a still-beating heart out of a victim’s chest.

3. The Mayans used to play a ballgame in which those who lost would become a sacrifice.

4. The Aztec capital city, Tenochtitlán, was the largest city in the Americas with over 200,000 population. It was built on a man-made island connected to the shore by three causeways. It housed huge pyramids, floating gardens, aqueducts and canals.

5. The pre-Columbian Aztec Empire used cacao beans as currency for small purchases. A small rabbit was worth 30 cacao beans, a turkey egg cost 3 beans and a man could sell his daughter for 500 beans as sexual slave or religious sacrifice .

6. In Ancient Egypt, dwarfs were seen as people who had celestial gifts, were treated with the greatest respect and enjoyed the highest social positions.

7. In the 13th century 30,000 children went on what is known as the Children’s Crusade. They were convinced God would allow them to take back the Holy Land without incident, but most died on the journey or were sold into slavery.

8. In ancient Egypt, servants were smeared with honey in order to attract flies away from the pharaoh.

9. Ancient Egypt had many medical specialists, including proctologists who were called “shepherds of the anus”.
10.Upon dying, some pharaohs were sealed into their tombs alongside their living servants, pets, and concubines.

11. The Aztecs made swords embedded with prismatic obsidian blades that are far sharper than even high quality present day steel razor blades.

12. Around 1000 AD, the Incas had skull surgeons who performed “trepanation”, a procedure to relieve intracranial pressure in people with head trauma. By 1400 AD, the survival rates after the procedure were 90 percent.

13. Spiked dog collars were invented in ancient Greece and were originally designed to protect the dogs throat from wolf attacks.

14. Ancient Persians would drink to excess after making an important decision to know that the decision was sound if they still felt the same way about it when intoxicated

15. The Aztecs regarded childbirth as a form of battle. Women who died giving birth to a child were thought to rise to the highest of heavens, the same as the one male warriors go to when they die in battle.

16. The ancient Aztecs and Incas invented peanut butter.

17. Inca architecture was built to resist any level of earthquakes with the stones vibrating and falling back in right order even after a tremor.

18. The first person in history whose name we know is Kushim, an accountant from Mesopotamia from around 3200 BC.

19. Persians Were the Original “Aryans”

20. The ancient Persian engineers built a type of evaporative cooler called “Yakhchāl”, which could store ice even in the middle of summer.

21. The Indus Valley Civilization had the world’s earliest known flush toilets. Almost every home in the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro had a flush toiled connected to a sophisticated sewage system.

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